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About Me

Hi Beauty,

I am a healer, herbalist, and mental health that teaches narcissistic abuse survivors how to go from toxic to empowered with sacred self-care.
I teach about sacred self-care and use holistic modalities so you can detox, and heal after narcissistic abuse.
My signature healing process: Healing Baths

You will learn about: 

•Sacred Self-Care 

*Mental Health 

⁣⁣⁣•Womb Wellness 

 •Sacred Sensuality

Holistic Modalities: 

•Healing Baths


-Herbal Bath Teas

-Herbal Teas

•Essential Oils 




I advocate for women and children because I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Due to lies and corruption, my 5 year old was wrongfully removed from me, and placed with a narcissistic abuser. Narcissistic abusers are pros at gaslighting and manipulating people, and turning themselves into “victims.” The abuser manipulates everyone so well, that he succeeded with a restraining order against me; when it was me and my daughter that needed the protection against him. 

The trauma caused by the narcissists in my life led to me being diagnosed with PTSD. Thankfully sacred self-care elevates me daily so I can vibe high and embrace my power.

As a healer, spiritual warrior, and mother, my battles have inspired and guided me to my life purpose in being an advocate for women and children. I now feel empowered walking in and knowing my life purpose. 

It’s an honor to teach you my signature healing modalities of sacred self-care, so you too can go from toxic to empowered.

Why You Should Join Me

I have been where you are, and thankfully sacred self-care elevates me daily. I want to teach you how to overcome the toxic lifestyle that comes with dealing with a narcissist. 

Thank You For Your Support